Three Acts For(giving) was an exhibition I curated of performances by Silvi Naci, Bryana Siobhan, and Danielle Abrams held in 2017 at Haley House, a bakery and soup kitchen in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In the spirit of Haley House's mission of social justice, the works referenced forgiveness, rebirth, and renewal. Silvi Naci, pictured above, performed her work, "SALT." In Albania, when someone has been given the evil eye, women use salt to cleanse, heal and repeal the negative energy by throwing salt on a hot plate and murmuring prayers to repel any bad vibrations. In order to keep away the evil eye, one can wear a small safety pin holding an evil eye and a small piece of garlic. Throughout the evening, this service was offered to participants. 
I have a question, 2017
Grandpa, tell me your memories, 2015 - present
  Para la próxima , 2015 - present  Reading glasses, umbrella, shower curtains, loofas, toilet seat, antibacterial hand lotion, paper clips, and tampons, Dimensions variable  Para la próxima is an ongoing sculpture comprised of various items destined for the artist's relatives in Cuba. The items included, as well as the backpack or suitcase that holds them, will either be taken by the artist on his next trip to the island or sent with a friend who is traveling there, whichever comes first. The varied and domestic quality of the objects not only implies the difficulty of finding certain items in Cuba, but the work's ongoing nature points to an all too common sensation for those visiting loved ones on the island: that of never having brought enough.