5, 382 Days in Exile, 2016 [6 minute sample], Single channel video, 00:25:31  Integrating an episode of ¿Qué Pasa, USA?, a sitcom produced by PBS in the late 1970s about a Cuban-American family in Miami, with my pre-recorded reading of a letter that my grandfather sent from Miami to his sister in Havana dated June 11, 1979, the video's title refers to the letter's first line - my grandfather's own count of how much time had passed since he left Cuba. English-language subtitles provide a translation of my reading of the letter.
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 After the show, 2015 Oil, oil pastel, charcoal, and graphite on paper, 24" x 30"   Inspired by Cuban newspapers from the 1950s that reference my maternal grandfather during his time as Director General de Deportes in pre-revolutionary Cuba, the text in this series of drawings contrasts my own memories of him with his portrayal in the media, embodying how Cuban Americans travel to Cuba only to find that reality often differs from memory.     
  23 Years Later , 2015, Single channel video, 00:05:05   23 Years Later recreates a walk my grandfather and I often took when I was a child in the early 1990s. On Saturday mornings, we would go on what at the time seemed like a lengthy trek from our home to La Campana, a local convenience store which served as a social hub for an older generation of Cuban men. Today, both La Campana and my grandfather are long gone and my family has moved from the house in Miami where I was raised. Taking cues from the work of Dara Friedman and Francis Alÿs, 23 Years Later measures the temporality of the city against the resilience of memory.
  Request to Family and Friends , 2015, Oil on paper, 18" x 24"     Letters   of   Support      is a series inspired by   letters   written on behalf of a defendant by his loved ones. Addressed to a judge, the texts describe positive memories of the defendant and are presented in the hope of lessening a criminal sentence. By emphasizing an individual’s identity as distinct from the accusations that define him in court,      Letters   of   Support      serves as a counterweight to the bureaucratic anonymity of other courtroom documents. 
  Para la próxima , 2015 - present Reading glasses, umbrella, shower curtains, loofas, toilet seat, antibacterial hand lotion, paper clips, and tampons, Dimensions variable  Para la próxima is an ongoing sculpture comprised of various items destined for the artist's relatives in Cuba. The items included, as well as the backpack or suitcase that holds them, will either be taken by the artist on his next trip to the island or sent with a friend who is traveling there, whichever comes first. The varied and domestic quality of the objects not only implies the difficulty of finding certain items in Cuba, but the work's ongoing nature points to an all too common sensation for those visiting loved ones on the island: that of never having brought enough. 
  Si yo fuese su madre , 2015, Charcoal, oil, and oil pastel on paper, 18" x 24"  The  Notebooks  series is inspired by notes taken during witness testimony in order to ensure the accuracy and precision of the oral translation. The quick, palimpsestic mark-making implies the ephemerality of memory.  It evokes the parallel process between the witness recalling memories and the interpreter who disposes of memories as soon as they are formed, creating space for the next words to be interpreted.