Le queda un minuto, 2017
Upon further questioning, 2017
El nunca ha sido esa clase de persona, 2017
 5, 382 días de ausencia, 2016 [6 minute sample], Single channel video, 00:25:31  Integrating an episode of ¿Qué Pasa, USA?, a sitcom produced by PBS in the late 1970s about a Cuban-American family in Miami, with my pre-recorded reading of a letter that my grandfather sent from Miami to his sister in Havana dated June 11, 1979, the video's title refers to the letter's first line - my grandfather's own count of how much time had passed since he left Cuba. English-language subtitles provide a translation of my reading of the letter.
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After the show, 2015
23 Years Later, 2015
Request to Family and Friends, 2015
Si yo fuese su madre, 2015